Klein F. Boelter
Unity 3D Programmer
Unity 3D Programmer

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  • Orbit Path
  • Star Clash
  • Salvor
  • Zombie Lunch
  • Dexter: The Game 2
  • PR in VR
  • Drift Game Prototype
  • Red Tile

Readable and extensible code

Time tracked deliveries

Plain documented work

Flexible negotiation

About Me

My name is Klein, and I am a Unity 3D Programmer. I work as a freelancer in the development of video games and any other sorts of interactive applications.

I have been working exclusively with Unity 3D applications development for seven years now. I have also been acting in the project management area. Another interests of mine are Game Design and Software Engineering. I am also familiar with a wide variety of Unity 3D plug-ins.

I am very flexible in the negotiating process of a project and I can work in developing from a prototype to a full game. It's up to you. According to your needs and wishes, I can come up with the adequate documentation for your project or I can easily make use of any documentation you might already have.

I feel comfortable working either as the sole programmer for a project, or as being a part of a team. I have everything needed to achieve the desired level of quality for your application: from licenced software to a number of different devices for tests (iOS, Android, Mac/PC). In the case of working for a team, I am used to working with version control (SVN or Git) and Agile Software Development methodologies.

Another area of interest of mine is education. I have already worked as an instructor in a Unity 3D games development course, so training is one of the tasks you can hire me for. I have also lectured Game Design and Introduction do 3D modeling courses.

On the social aspect, I am pretty easy to deal with. I am a communicative person who is always willing to listen to what others have to say. I speak fluent English, and during development stage I am always available and always easy to find.

Now, all you have to do is to get in touch with me!



(B. Tech) Digital Games Development
Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (UNISINOS) - São Leopoldo - RS

In Progress (last semester)

  • I have also got a Bachelor's Degree in Gastronomy, but let's leave that aside :)



Lean Software Develoment
Target Trust - Porto Alegre - RS


Project Management with Scrum
Target Trust - Porto Alegre - RS


Techniques for Generating Quality Code (XP)
Target Trust - Porto Alegre - RS


Computer Graphics Applications Programmer


Certified Programmer - Tech.


Game Designer


First Certificate in English
University of Cambridge




Research and development group participant at Unisinos University


Console Development

Class Monitor "Console Development" classes in Digital Games course, supporting students on the use of PSP® Devkits.


Basic Japanese I, II and III
Unilínguas - São Leopoldo - RS


Basic French
Aliança Francesa - Florianópolis - SC


Here you can the find all the latest projects i've worked (at least the ones without a NDA prohibiting it).

Just click one of the featured games of the slider or anyone else from the complete list below for a complete description of my participation in the project.

Hope you like it!

Orbit Path Star Clash Salvor PEMDAS Zombie Lunch Dexter: The Game 2 Drift Game Prototype PR in VR Virtual Greyhound Races MoneTude Self Solution Talking Romney Online Free Kicks Virtual Horse Races Supperhero P. G. Virtual Football Red Tile

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Name: Klein F. Boelter
Email: contact@kfboelter.com
Location: Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil


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Skype username: kfboelter

Feel free to shoot me an email or skype me any time!

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